‚ÄčAbout The Band

Queen City Lights has been a dynamic, ever-changing group within the local Buffalo music scene for several years. A core group of the members have remained while the group morphed from a dance/disco style to a play more broad mix of styles over the past few years. Singer Lindsay Di Lucente, Bassist Al Colucci, Saxophonist Greg Straka and Keyboardist Val Misuraca have been working together within Queen City Lights since its infancy, while guitarist Howie LaPiano has recently added another element of talent. The group covers popular songs that cross many genres such as Motown, R&B, funk, rock, and dance and plays in the city of Buffalo and its nearby suburbs. The musicians collectively have decades of experience performing live and each one has worked with many other local musicians on different projects throughout their careers. This adds a diversity and range to what and how they play.